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Free Events In Asheville, NC: Chakras Impact Wellness

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On Sep 18th, 1-2pm Eastern, Alice McCall will present her popular Chakras Impact Wellness event at Earth Fare in Asheville, North Carolina. She’ll give a top level view of chakras, along with explaining their affect on our health. Closes with a led meditation.

On Sun., September 18th, 1-2pm Asheville’s Earth Fare is holding a free event in Asheville with speaker and writer Alice McCall. The event, “Chakras Impact Wellness” helps attendees understand the idea of chakras and the potential role they play in their health . “I’m happy to claim that in recent years chakras have become a more main line subject. I’d like to open up the conversation about what our chakras are and their purpose,” explains Ms McCall.

“Our chakras are like our filters for everything that happens to us, explaining why it’s so crucial to find out how to clear and tune them.” McCall attributes a lack of incentive, a sense of heaviness, a dulling of mental capabilities, a pattern of sickness, and more as the symptoms of badly functioning chakras. McCall says that, “My wish is to aid other people have a deeper understanding on what chakras are and steps we will take to keep them optimally functioning.” Following the reason, McCall will lead a steered healing meditation using her unique toning method. The aim of the meditation is for each attendee to experience connecting to their heart chakra. All are welcome to attend this free event at Earth Fare Sun., September 18th at 1pm. Earth Fare is located on 66 Westgate Parkway, in Asheville North Carolina. Questions or speaking inquires can be directed to Alice McCall at 828-577-5623. Ms McCall holds a B.S. In Psychology and a MBA. She’s a Cellular Level Healing Advisor, Religious Advisor, Hypnotist, and Writer.

She’s employed with the mind, emotion, and non secular connection to the body in her practice. Helping with serious health problems is her specialty. For detailed info on her popular book Well-being Knowledge, provoked by her own self-healing journey with breast cancer visit For more info on Alice and her practice Healing Path visit press releases free .

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